Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vitamin D

I decided to take Emma to Plum Orchard Lake again because the weather was so nice. It is a beautiful lake that is only about 40 minutes away from us. All the other lakes are over a hour away. 
It was beautiful! 
This time wasn't as pretty with all of the colors in the trees but it was still such a quite, peaceful place that I know we will be coming back to over and over again.
The sun hitting the water perfectly. 
I brought Bolo with us because I knew there wouldn't be much activity except for watching Emma on the playground. 
The butterflies were in full force. 
I stood here and watched them for awhile.....then I realized what they were feeding on...

dog poo
I didn't know they liked that... I learned something new. 
This photo melts my heart. 
With all the problems Bolo has been having while growing old, I hope he knows he is still loved unconditionally. 

Vitamin D 

This area is so pretty. I cant wait to come back here and do all of the other things that the lake has to offer.

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