Thursday, March 31, 2016

My heart hurts

Bolo has been going down hill fast. I know the time has come, but I just cant seem to keep from thinking that maybe he is just having a bad day, and tomorrow will be better. Besides his Cushings Disease, he has been having a few more problems as of lately. 
He is still anorexic. The food that I do force feed him, 6/10 times will be thrown up. the water intake is threw a syringe...if he doesn't throw up also. He has now been suffering this past month with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. CCD is Alzheimer's in dogs. His symptoms consists of getting lost, walking in circles, standing in corners, being trapped in certain places, and sleeping a lot. 

He could stand in corners for till I pull him out or he falls over from falling asleep.

I just cant even imagine my house without my baby. The thought of it is tearing me apart. 
I really don't want him to suffer any longer, but with him growing wings, comes my heart breaking. 


  1. Awe, poor baby :( That would be hard to watch

  2. I am sending so much love your way!!!!

  3. oh honey. :( wish i could give you a hug.