Friday, June 1, 2012

Tylenol Please!

Oh My Goodness!!! What a headache of a day. I woke up bright and early with a long list of things to do and only accomplished one of them...and that's it. I'm not doing ANYTHING else today.!
 I needed to get my car registered with Hawaii...been 3 months and still not done...oops! (thank you lord for never getting pulled over)

I don't really want to go into the whole detail of it but I we found a place that "passed" my car after I waited in line for about a hour for a piece of paper saying that I have been  "Approved". 
Then I had to run all the way across town in New York City traffic. Don't these people work?
 Parked all the way on the other side of the mall because I didn't know where the City Hall was to get my new pretty plates. GIANT mall in fact! 
Forgot my shipping information. (papers I got when I shipped my car from the mainland to here)
Had to run all the way back through this enormous mall to grab them in the car, then run back.
Wait in line again.
Drive back to the place were I got my safety check done in the first place.
Waited a hour again for a sticker.
As it is almost my turn...Bamb!
Some guy backed into the side of my car...
He tried to give me cash, he didn't have his updated insurance card but swears he has it. 
So now we will just see how it goes. Mike's gonna have to take over because I don't know what the heck I'm doing when it comes to these things.
6 hours all together that made up this fiasco

Its done now and I am legal.  I need a drink!


  1. Yikes, no fun! I would have just cried if someone hit my car at the end off all that!

  2. Oh girl I'm so sorry that sucks :( did you go to Pearl Ridge Mall to do your registration??? I never cared for that mall.

    1. Ala Moana... I had only been there once to eat, so I was not familiar at all with it. Of course were I parked, Satellite was on the other side. I'm just glad its over...till next year

  3. 1- I can't believe someone rammed into your car!! You def need a strong cocktail after that!! 2-Our car has VA license plates (because Matt bought it when he was in TBS) and we just went to the VA car registration website and they just sent us a new registration card with zero hassle because we were active military. But some part of me wonders if it would just be easier to transfer everything (plates and licenses) to CA since we're going to be here a while. *shrugs*. 3-Say hello to Mike and the dogs for us! We miss you guys!