Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nut Hut

   What a great day myself, a friend and her daughter had. We headed to Tropical Farms for tour about the macadamia nut, and boy did we get a lot more. They had samples of all different flavor's of the nuts. yum!  One's you cant buy in the stores and also all the Kona Coffee flavor's. (I don't drink coffee, but I'm sure they were good too)

 We first headed off to a spot were they do the demonstrations. We saw how they
~started a fire (sticks)
~opened coconuts
~scraped the meat out
~made coconut milk

They also entertained us with fire sticks.
(9 year old boy)

  This guy (Chief) was a character! He made the tour a comedy show pretty much.

We sampled 
~coconut water
~coconut meat

   Next, we headed to a boat for a little tour on the water.
            Beautiful views!

50 First Dates boat dock. Looks a little different now

There was a boat dock farther down that was in the show Lost. They used it for the submarine episodes. I don't have a good picture of it tho...  :(

Jurassic Park mountain 

Overall...really good day for $15.

In other news....I have a interview tomorrow!

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