Sunday, June 10, 2012


  Mike and I had dinner plans with another couple on Friday.  We went to a revolving restaurant called Top of Waikiki and ate over priced food. It was good, but not worth $40 for a small plate of whatever you ordered. It was cool to see all of the lights of Waikiki being so high up with 360 degree view but  in less its a special occasion, drinks, food and dessert was not worth the price.

  After dinner we bounced around a few places.

  Yard House's 1/2 yards....trouble!


Hard Rock 
and a few more to follow.
           Long night!

Saturday, we slept in late.

We saw the very last of the Pan Pacific Parade. 

 Mike and I headed to the water and I tested out my new waterproof camera.


  1. Sounds like some good times, I have to say the Top of Waikiki was one place we never went when we were there.