Friday, June 15, 2012

Great News!!!

I cant believe what a surprisingly great day it was today. I really wasn't expecting to have such wonderful news.
   First off...
 I had my job interview today. I got the job and I start next Saturday! Very exciting! I think its going to be a good place. It seems like everyone is laid back and comfortable that work there. Things are a little different then my last job but that is whats to be expected. My husband is VERY happy, and so am I. Its time to get off my butt and start making money. I just wish I had my wardrobe so I could meet the requirements instead of buying all new things to wear. I have to stop back on Monday to get a TB shot from medical in order to work on base, everything else is good to go though. Thank god I don't have to take the test to switch my license to work here.
 After that Mike met me for lunch...He had another hour to we headed to Family Housing......
We sat down and he told us that he was just about to call us.....offering us a house!!!
I cant believe it..(I must have said it 100 times already)
I really thought there was no hope for us.
I cant believe it!!!

 We don't move in for a little bit but it is so nice to know that its coming soon...
I still cant believe it!
We are definitely going to be celebrating tonight!


  1. It's been a fabulous day for yall all the way around!!!!!! So happy to hear the interview went well and double bonus on the house!!!!!!

  2. Awesome!!! I miss living on base soo much! Don't ever move into town!!

  3. Oh my goodness, what wonderful news!! Congratulations on the job and the house, yay!!

  4. Amazing news!! Congrats on both the house and the job!! woohoo!!!