Monday, June 18, 2012

Paradice Cove Luau

  Mike surprised me yesterday by getting tickets to Paradise Cove for their Luau for my birthday. We had heard this was the best one on the island so why not make it our first one. He hadn't told me about it till after my cars little accident to try to cheer me up. (It worked...a little) 
  We got there early because they had told him that if we wanted to do the "pre" luau fun, its started around 4:15. Well he probably misunderstood because we waited at the gates with all the other people that misunderstood till 5:00. It was OK tho. I was busy taking it all it.

The package he bought really made it feel like we were getting our money worth. First off they do a local/military discount that makes it a really good price.  They also give you tickets for 3 drinks (we upgraded but it still was cheap) They also gave us 2 memory mugs and our 2 pictures that they took of us in the beginning.

  Mike has had a bad experience with birds so he was not willing to take this picture with me...  :(                       

      They showed us how the pig was cooked in their underground oven.      

     All the dancers were so beautiful. Changing there outfits after every dance really kept it interesting.

    Dinner was great too. Interesting food that I would have never tried elsewhere. (I was so hungry, I forgot to take a picture)

What a amazing night! I cant wait to try all of the luau's on the island, see how each one is different.


  1. This is beautiful! Another friend of mine went to this a few months back and having seen 2 people enjoy it, I now know I really gotta go!

    1. Yes...You have to go. Lots of fun!

  2. You're so gorgeous, you look like you belong there!! :)

  3. hey girl! a couple of us hawaii bloggers are meeting up this weekend! email me if you want to join!

  4. Save one for when I get there!

  5. Sounds like fun, I love reliving our life in Hawaii through your pictures!!!

  6. That place looks amazing!!

  7. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday!
    Second, You look absolutely beautiful in these pictures! You look like you could be a Hawaiian Model! For Real!