Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello 27

   Looking at where my life is at the age of 27. I am happily married on a 3 year honeymoon. Can it get better then this? To be totally honest with you, I never thought I was going to make it to this age. Things that I regret, (yes, I do have regrets) and situations that I put myself in that the outcome probably could not have been good. I am very thankful that I have been kept safe to experience what life has to offer.
   Growing up I thought things were going to be different in my future. Saying that I was going to be a Veterinarian (every little girls dream) married to my daddy, and the only problem in my life was when my mom made me take off my bathing suit so she could wash it.(I lived in that thing) 
    I do feel OK with this birthday. None of them have bothered me yet. We will see if that is the case in 3 years though. I do look forward to the day when I am a mom (other then to furry children) but till then, I'm trying live everyday like its my last. 

    8 Birthday Q & A's

1. Your favorite birthday party game growing up? 
~I loved the string game! (if that is even what it is called) My mom would string yarn all around the house for each of my friends that were coming to the party. (each one was a different color). Intertwining and going into all the different rooms of the house. At the end of the string was of course a prize. Lots of fun, especial when there was 5 or more kids playing. 
A pinata is in close 2nd.

2. What was your favorite gift you had every gotten? 
~ I collected Breyer Horses growing up. I looked forward to getting one each year for my birthday. I still try to continue collecting them now. Iv never played with them, they were always just for show. 

3. Chocolate or Vanilla Cake? 
~ Vanilla all the way. Ice cream too! 

4. Presents or Money? 
~ Presents! I love the surprise aspect (then)....money(now) :)

5. What wish do you remember wishing as you blew out your candles? 
~Probably wishing for a horse. Now its not going to come true cause I told you.  gosh!

6.Where was your favorite birthday place that you had a party at? 
~ I remember a lot of my party's at my house. 

7.Have you every had a SURPRISE birthday party?
~Not yet.

8. What was your favorite age so far?  
~ I think I really liked my early age's (5-8). No care in the world. It was such a easy life and I didn't even know it till now. I also loved being 26. This past year was a good one. 


  1. Well Happy Birthday to you Mrs. Katie!!!
    I received a cute Kreative Blogger Award and we are to pass it on to other bloggers/blogs that we enjoy. You know I love yours and all that you get to do! I have presented you with the award on my page. Hope you'll join along with it! <3 Have a great day!


  2. Happy Birthday Dear!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!!!!