Monday, June 25, 2012

A little more of the weekend

 We walked past Queen Kapiolani's Garden on our way to Diamond Head. It was a really small garden (next to the zoo) that needed to be watered.

  After Diamond Head, we stopped to check out the Volkswagen Car Show.

   We finally took a dip in our hotel pool. We never took advantage of it because we always went to the beach , but they finally repainted it (much needed) so while the laundry was drying we went out. We felt like we were breathing in paint fumes but it was still very refreshing.
We also made our way to the 50th State Fair. It was the last day that they were having it so it was pretty crowded.

We only rode the Ferris Wheel.  It was $8 just for the two of us to go around 3 times.   Not worth it!

I was scarred...


Played some games....
 They had pig racing, a petting zoo and a lion show. We only saw the circus tho.

 Bolo was happy with the stuffed animal I won for him. It's insides are now all over the floor.

I felt we definitely had a fulfilling weekend.


  1. I was just in Oahu in April!! It's so beautiful! Made it hard to leave! I'm loving your posts..They make me feel like I'm still there!