Monday, June 25, 2012

4 Wheeling Fun

    Getting a phone call from work on Friday evening changed our plans a little for the weekend.   She (manager) wasn't going to have me come in for my first day on Saturday because she was not going to be there. She didn't want me to be totally lost on getting situated with things so my first day is now on Tuesday.

    Mike and I decided to take the 4wheelers out Saturday morning for the first time. We have had the ATV's for a while now but hadn't had a chance ride yet because there was always something stopping us on the weekends. We are also storing them in a friends garage on base so just getting to them takes time. (30min just to get to base) The track is also about a hour away (when you know where you are going) so when we got there it was already packed with motocross bikes. Having 400 acers
to ride through made it easy to share the trails though.


The views were beautiful of course.  I hadn't seen them from the North Shore yet.

  Only flipping the bike once and hitting a tree (HARD) was pretty good...(NOT) till I felt like I couldn't control it anymore. I thought it was because of the 3 hours of riding (my arms were soo tired).  Mike started to get frustrated (and so was I) about always having to get off his bike and pick up mine to be put back on track... then he realized that when I hit the tree I bent back the rim which made the tire flat which made the steering terrible.


So riding was cut short. Now we have to buy a new rim. :( And this was the "good" bike. (The other bike needs a little bit of TLC too)


 Bath time after riding. It was much needed!

  So sore the next day!


  1. Oh riding looks like so much fun, did yall go down to Dillingham?? (thats what the pictures looked like) We would go down to Dillingham and go off roading in our truck all the time. My hubbs loved it. Sorry to hear about your fall, I hope yall are able to fix the 4 wheelers up soon!!

    1. This place was right by Sunset Beach. I'm not sure if we were close to Dillingham? Mike is always looking for somewhere to take his Jeep off roading so Ill have to tell him about it.